Metabolic Inflammation: What Is It?

In the quest to understand the causes and early symptoms of diabetes and other chronic diseases, metabolic inflammation often comes up. What is it, and what is its role in the early onset of these diseases? This article delves into the definition of the term, its presentation, and likely effects. What is metabolic syndrome? The […]

Unraveling The Metabolic Syndrome

It could be said that heart disease and diabetes type 2 are conjoined at the hip by this one thing- the metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome can be defined as a cluster of conditions that increase one’s risk for heart disease and diabetes type 2. The cardinal signs involved include increased blood pressure, high blood sugar […]

Metabolic Syndrome Info Graphic Needed

Risk factors, the following factors increase your chances of developing insulin resistance metabolic inflammation: Ethnicity may be a genetic factor or a lifestyle factor. All of these diseases are increased when you develop Insulin Resistance & Metabolic Inflammation Prevention:  A healthy lifestyle prevents conditions that cause metabolic syndrome: Eat only when really hungry, don’t snack. […]

Metabolic Signals And Innate Immune Activation In Obesity

The interplay between immunity, inflammation, and metabolic changes is a growing field of research. Exciting new evidence is emerging with regard to their role in the regulation of metabolism and the activation of inflammatory pathways during the progression of metabolic disorders such as Type 2 Diabetes and Atherosclerosis. The innate immune system The innate immune system […]

Understanding The Role Of Metabolic Inflammation Plays In Obesity And Diabesity

Obesity is a disease that has plagued the modern-day man in recent times. Access to highly processed foods and a decrease in physical activity are key contributors to this ailment. Researchers are hard at work looking into what other underlying factors lead to obesity, especially given its relationship with the onset of Type 2 Diabetes, […]

Metabolic Inflammation As A Cause Of Insulin Resistance

In previous articles, I have discussed the role of metabolic Inflammation in obesity and diabetes. Today, we will narrow down to the specifics of what insulin resistance is, its effects and how metabolic inflammation increases the chances of one developing it. What is Insulin resistance? Approximately 30% of Americans, and up to 50% in the […]

What Is The Relationship Between Metabolic Inflammation And Type 2 Diabetes?

A growing body of data shows that type 2 diabetes is at least in part rooted in inflammation. The higher a person’s body mass index, the more pro-inflammatory macrophages they have in their adipose tissue, and the higher their chances of developing T2D. In this article, we will highlight the emerging role of inflammation in […]

Metabolic Inflammation: What Is It?

The modern diet contains a large number of simple sugars. From bread to donuts, to carbonated drinks to chocolate, cookies, and candy, everywhere you look, temptation abounds. The potential impact on the health of diets rich in free sugars, and particularly fructose, is of major concern. Does the sugar we take have an impact on […]

Insulin is The Link Between Adipose Tissue Inflammation and Metabolic Syndrome.

Hyperinsulinemia (HI) serves as the common link between adipose tissue inflammation (ATI) and metabolic syndrome. The obesity-associated metabolic phenotype elevated pro-inflammatory cells (M1 macrophages and NK-cells) suppressed anti-inflammatory cells (M2 macrophages, eosinophils, and regulatory T-cells). Partial reduction of circulating insulin level attenuated excess calorie-induced ATI and improved insulin sensitivity. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 2018 Dec 5;477:15-28. […]