Gail Obrecht

I have been going to Dr Padda Institute for over a year now and they’re wonderful. He’s honest and to the point. A lot of people have been used to going to Doctors that want to keep you sick so you’ll have to keep coming back. Dr Padda and Dr Gogel tell you the truth about what’s wrong and I’m sorry but the real truth hurts sometimes. But then it’s got to hurt if it’s going to heal. I have lost all of 45 lbs since I started there and Dr Gogel is my primary now too. His mantra is “ANOTHER PILL, ANOTHER DRUG-THAT IS NOT GOING TO FIX WHAT AILS YOU!! EATING RIGHT, SLEEPING RIGHT, LIVING RIGHT AND DOING WHAT I TELL YOU AND YOU MIGHT LIVE A LONG TIME!!!” If that’s rude, then I’ll take it. God bless the Padda Institute. They don’t have an easy job. Thank you all. 😊

John Grayson

It was a good experience

Maria Spencer

Dr. Padda had been very helpful in my pain management. I was seeing a primary for years before he vanished off the face of the earth with no warning. I started seeing Padda and my pain is being managed very well. He may be arrogant but, he gets the job done.

Ajose Paul

I visited Dr. Padda after being referred by my primary care physician for migraine headaches. He had tried several medications but I was still receiving no relief. They were debilitating to my everyday life. Dr. Padda suggested that I try an injection in the back of my head – which sounds terrifying but at that point, I was miserable. The thought of the injection was much worse than the actual injection. It was very quick and not painful at all. I followed up in a few weeks to check my progress at which time he suggested Botox injections for longer relief. I am so scared of needles but felt like his first injection was the only relief I had for several months so I agreed to try Botox. I have now went from having migraine headaches at least 20 days a month to only having 2, which is amazing. Dr. Padda is the headache healer.

Lowell Montgomery

Good help with the pain and looks like the weight loss is really good to.

Ross Sedlacek

Very caring, helpful staff. Dr Padda is highly skilled and very compassionate. He has not only alleviated my pain but is also concerned with my overall well being.

M Stucky

Started going to Dr Padda 9 months ago for body pain pain in shoulders,ankles,most of all low back Dr Padda has helped with most of the pain in neck and shoulders and ankles but I notice moor relief in the low back in the past four or five visits

Karen Atkins

I’ve been coming here for 15 years off and on. I’ve broken my leg a couple times. I’ve got a bad disc in my neck bad disc in my back had back surgery.

Mike Roberts

I was in extreme pain since 1972 after a spinal cord accident while working for terminal railroad . After coming to the institute my pain is some what less and my mobility is much better.

Cakeshia Johnson

Once I started my treatment three months ago I came in with pain in January 2019 I started to feel really new and to feel Every thing start to work Exactly as I was young again as 21 of age I would Recommend anyone if you was in pain to seeing

Dr. Padda

Jimesha Adams


tina prichard

I was in bad pain for 4 yrs ..seen doctor after doctor at barnes, they did nothing for me ..I seen doctor padda ,n I’m totally pain free 😂

Rodney Williams

This facility is the compilation of the perfect medical institution. ALRIGHT!😀

Jill Harris

Gr8 place gr8 chiropractor really helped with my chronic pain when no one else would definitely worth the wait and time

Morris Smith

I Morris Smith, have been seeing Dr. Padda for a number of years. When I first came to see Dr. Padda I could not even hold my toothbrush. I also suffered with chronic low back pain. I have always been afraid of needles, but the benefits of less pain is greater than being afraid of the needles.

Linda Randle

Before I started coming to padda office I was in so much pain now he makes me fell better the weight loss program is wonderful

Shawn Goforth

I have been disabled since 2003 and have gone to countless Doctors rehab places even work hardning for months and nothing worked my pain in my lower back and legs was just awfull I could hardly walk or even just sit in a chair but as I was laying in bed one night I seen a add for Dr Padda so I decided to try it and it was the best thing I ever did Dr Padda got a MRI and started my treatments and for the first time in years I had some relief so I kept going and now 8 years later My pain is down to a level to whare I can talarate it enough to work and with Dr Padda and the incredible good ciroprator I have been working for two years now I just like coming to the Padda Institite because it works from the shots that they give to the back adjusting it just works.

renee fey

Padda is a very important figure in my life he has been in my corner I’ve lost 67 pounds with his his help my pain is a lot better love this place Dr Padda helps me with my pain by injecting the spots that hut he’s has got me into a knee doctor after dealing with the pain for some time now I’ve got a brace and I can walk and I have answers to my knee pain I might have to have surgery but Dr Padda has a surgeon in the same building and that makes it a lot easier

shunda hudson

i have been coming to dr padda for a little over a year and it has been great i have since lost over 150 pound with his weightloss program and my pain in my back and leg has been greatly manageable i have gone and lived so long with pain and being over weight that if feel good for someone to care enought to get on my about how i should live and better my self he has taken the time to explain things to me and not just tell me what i should and shouldnt do he tells me why he is asking me to do these thing i feel so much better im not tired all the time i have so much pep in my step i take the staires every where i go a year ago i had to stop and sit down every time i walk not im out walking everyone i just thank god he cared enought to push me to be great so if you feel you need to find someone who care about his peoples come to dr padda cause he is the best.

wallace king

Ive been seeing DrPadda for just over 3 months and when i came to him i was in severe pain in my neck and back and was taking 80 mgs of percocet and oxycontin and nowi only take one fourth of the pain medication that i was on and my neck and back has never felt better im able to do things i haven’t been able to do in years I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU DR PADDA VERY MUCH i will recommend you to everybody that has back and neck pain and once again thank you

yolanda lomax

The experience at dr Padda’s office has been great nothing but professionalism all the way around the board would I recommend this office yes if your in pain make your appointment today.!!!

Donna & larry Wersan

Since coming to Dr. Padda, I have lost 40 pounds to date. The pain I was feeling has eased up considerably. Yay Padda.

Alicia Wade

Hi my name is Alicia Wade and I came to Padda Pain institute for help , it was so hard for me to to get around or to even get out of bed until my Sister told me about Dr.Padda and he as help me In so many ways not only with my pain but how to To lower my A1C Levels as well THANK YOU os Much


Vincent Saitta

Since my wife has been on the weight loss and inflammation program, she has lost over 60 lbs. As a side result, seeing as I do most of the cooking, we are both eating the same things. I have lost over 25 lbs., My A1C blood sugar has gone from 7.2 to 6.1 in 3 months, my Cholesterol has dropped 30 points, and my own knee pain is greatly diminished. This program has worked very well for the both of us.Thank you.

Vicky Williams

I’ve been coming here a year for severe pain since I have been seeing a doctor it has truly gotten better he give me pain medications and also injections which help the pain tremendously this is the best thing then I could’ve done he have really help me tackle the pain that I’ve been dealing with

Regina Wigfall

Hey this Regina Wigfall lettting you know I rate Dr Padda institute a five . Thank you very much good team work.

Kevin Bay

Nothing but good things to say about Dr. Padda. He is extremely good at what he does. Any wait time is more than worth it. I recommend him a 100 times over other doctors.

paul wells

I have been coming hear for years for pain it was bad,but now I can get some relief and now since we have medical marijuana it is a great thing and the process is very easy 15 minutes you”ll be in and out.i would highly recommend padda institute to anyone who need pain treatment and/or your medical card

Sandra Lee

I am completely blown away by my first experience. I have been in pain for over two months. Waiting for dr appts only to be shuffled to another dr and having to wait more for an appointment. Dr Padda addressed my concerns immediately and started a plan of care the very same day. I feel hopeful and that’s a great place to start.

Ava Goodlow-Bradley

It has been a great pleasure coming to Padda institute Center. The staff it excellent and pleasurable. I have been coming to Padda for over 6yrs. He’s a excellent dr. They have podiatrist, chiropractor, also offer counseling with the psychiatrist. What brought me to padda institute Center was I suffer with fibromyalgia and degenerative bone disease, two bulging discs, in my neck and back but Dr Padda has really helped me tremendously.

Anthony Steward



This was all good things for me .I was in a car accident that caused 3 disk in my neck to move. I had neck pain and stiffness, shoulder pain and pain from the top of my spine all the way down to my hip. With barely taking any meds coming to here fixed me! No pain at all when released. I Till come every now and again because I do sit at the computer and key alot .They are awesome!!

Steven King

I was doing bad and the doc helped me. He is awesome!!!had serve back pain for mosst of my life went to meny doctors they saw me butt i didn’t get results doctor padda is great he helps a lot of people i am glad hes here don’t know what to dew with out him.

T’Ann Marie

I love the padda institute. I’ve been going here over 8 years & I love everything about them. Dr. Padda is great his workers are great & I’ve done just about everything from pain management, physical therapy, to chiro. I highly recommend them!

Mari Lomax

I was diagnosed with LSS i was referred to Dr.Padda He Took me on as a patient Ive been seeing him for pain management for the last two yrs and i cant say nothing but good things about this Dr. My pain has been more manageable since I’ve been seeing and being a patient!!!!

Kevin Adams


Doris Dukes

I am Minister Dukes also known as the Ghetto Preacher. My daily activities had decreased do to the pain I was experiencing. During a conversation with my sister-girlfriend, who is a patient at Padda Institute Center For Pain Management; she suggested that I seek pain relief from Padda Institute. I took her advice back in November of 2018. As-of 2/2019 I am pain free, eating right, loosing weight and feeling like the Ghetto Preacher again. -From the depths of my heart, Thank you Dr. Padda

Sherry Sanders

Dr. Padda is awesome!! Explains everything to you. I’ve seen him 1 time and I feel much better what’s going in with me. Been to another pain management and nothing compared to Dr. Padda!!!

Esse Coop

Since I have been coming over to doctor padda office for almost five years and getting the back injection I have been feeling a lot better and lost weight on top of that. I would recommend Dr. Paddas pain management to anyone who desperately needs pain management. Thank you Dr. Padda for everything.

Myron Brown

I would like to say thank you to Dr Padda for help me with my pain and for the treatment plan he prepared for me it work just fine and I would recommend him to anyone who needs a good doctor.It so sad to say my PCP didn’t know what wrong wit me until I came here to see Dr padda

Deborah Wright

I Been coming to Doctor Padda for about ten years i could wailk didnt know what was wrong with me and as soon as i saw Doctor Padda without touching me he told me that i had 4 disk out of socket.I live by him and iam ..most great ful that he found the problem.He also told me that i broke my tail bone which i fell down 19 steps and have back problems i went from pain level 10 to a 3 .with the injections that he gives me. I can tell how far i have came along with my pain since i been here.Eat right, excise and take meds.Thank you, Doctor Padda.

Williams Jimmy

Dr. Padda is one of the best in his field. I have a quite complicated diagnosis. I must say he has a more hostilic approach. He treats each patient by looking at the entire picture. At Padda Institute your’re not just a patient, but someone who matters!

Bobby Gales

I started coming to Dr Padda two years ago for back pain and pain in my stomach the pain was unbelievable.and now my pain is so much more better Dr Padda has made a big difference in my life and I believe things will only get better.thank you Dr Padda I’d recommend the pads institute to anyone who would need pain managment

Kimberly Rainbolt

I’ve had a great experience. The shots are helping… They really care about you here

Suguab Semaj

Came here with severe spinal stenosis and bad sciatica. Recieved epidural shots, ext and now through follow ups I manage my pain instead of suffering in bed. These medical professionals are on point. Theirs no reward in pain, ask your primary physician for referral and schedule a appointment today. This is my 2nd review.

Rachelle Lane

Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Padda he has made a huge difference in my pain management, my weight loss and in my daily living. When I started seeing the doctor I was weighing 179 lbs and now I’m down to 150, my neck and back pain is under control. He is Simply Awesome.

Tee Wallace

I’ve been seeing Dr Padda and his staff for about 4yrs now.. For pain management, wieght loss, and podiatry… During my time with Dr Padda I have experience less pain thru his pain management plan for me… And have lost approximately 100 lbs thru his wieghtloss program… If u are in pain and need help i recommend u call n schedule a appointment with Dr Padda and his staff at the Padda Institute.

Kizzy Humphrey

My Experience with Padda Institute the past 2 + years I’ve been getting treatment has been Very Productive 🙂 Dr Padda has been Very encouraging with my Health,Weight loss and Wellness 😍

Tiffany Uebinger

Dr padda and all his staff are amazing! I love this office! They help with all my pain needs and make sure they help me in every way possible. Mentally and physically. He’s not a pill pusher, he gets to the bottom of where ur pain is and fixes it with different methods. He has giving me hope and now I’m able to live again!

Latasha Prentice

I has been going to padda for years, I have has lot of pain he has help me. He will get on me about losing weight, it was hard but he will keep you in line. He told me about food that I can eat that’s good for me. He also told me some things about foods that u thought was good for u will have you in disbelievable.i was all over the place didn’t know were to start, I was 213 pounds and now I’m 166 pounds. I eat better and feel better even though I still have pains but it manageable. The shots mite hurt but it removes the pain, if you get your proper treatments, and do what u suppose to do. I like padda what people dont know he has a heart for kids. My son has been sick for years I was ar the end of my rope. He told me things that can help him right now this very day I got my son back. I will refer padda institute center to anybody who need help.

Delores Clemons

I have been coming to padda for five years and I hurt all the time and when i start to get the treatment it su healing to me and the treatment was so makes my pain feel better with the weight loss it eash the pain feel like they family and I’m getting better at times i will til anybody who needs help with pain you don’t have to suffer in pain no more he is a wonderful doctor who cares about you pain and to get you on a beautiful recovery on life and less pain

kenny bristow

In the year 2000 l was hit head on by a drunk driver on my motorcycle and was hurt very badly a lot of broken bones when repairing some of them they used stainless steel and these areas would not heal and gave me a great deal of pain it took years for bones to heal with a lot of work I was in a wheelchair for years but still in pain but I luckily learned to walk so the doctors said they did everything they could do .so they sent me dr. Padda and dr. padda and I have come along way I still have the steel in me some of it they can’t get out so we have to find ways to live with it I have a nickel allergy which all my other doctors and surgeons over looked and told me they couldn’t help me!

Barbara Ward

Since coming to The Padda Institute, the pain that I was experiencing has diminished drastically. I have more movement and am able to do more things pain free! Coming here has been such a joy!

Arthur Times

II ve been coming t the padda institute for pain in my lower back and shoulders, i have arthritis in my shoulders and three discs out in my back. Dr. Padda helps me greatly by providing injections in my lower back and in my shoulders. The staff are a tremendous help to me and i would reccomend anyone to the Ladda institue because it has helped me alot.

Clifford Ackley

Ive been coming to the padda institue for about a year now, I came here for back pain. I have 4 bulging disks in my back and severe arthritis in my lower back.Dr. Padda give me injections in my back to ease the pain if the arthriritis and the disks in my back.my pain was a 10 when i started coming here and now my pain is diwn to a 5, i am now doing activites such as yoga, im walking more, and sleeping more comfortably.

Tee Wallace

I’ve been seeing Dr Padda and his staff for about 4yrs now.. For pain management, wieght loss, and podiatry… During my time with Dr Padda I have experience less pain thru his pain management plan for me… And have lost approximately 100 lbs thru his wieghtloss program… If u are in pain and need help i recommend u call n schedule a appointment with Dr Padda and his staff at the Padda Institute.

Tinisha Watson

Staff very friendly. Dr.Padda will help you along your journey to healthy living.

Kizzy Humphrey

My Experience with Padda Institute the past 2 + years I’ve been getting treatment has been Very Productive 🙂 Dr Padda has been Very encouraging with my Health,Weight loss and Wellness 😍

Tiffany Uebinger

Dr padda and all his staff are amazing! I love this office! They help with all my pain needs and make sure they help me in every way possible. Mentally and physically. He’s not a pill pusher, he gets to the bottom of where ur pain is and fixes it with different methods. He has giving me hope and now I’m able to live again!

Latasha Prentice

I has been going to padda for years, I have has lot of pain he has help me. He will get on me about losing weight, it was hard but he will keep you in line. He told me about food that I can eat that’s good for me. He also told me some things about foods that u thought was good for u will have you in disbelievable.i was all over the place didn’t know were to start, I was 213 pounds and now I’m 166 pounds. I eat better and feel better even though I still have pains but it manageable. The shots mite hurt but it removes the pain, if you get your proper treatments, and do what u suppose to do. I like padda what people dont know he has a heart for kids. My son has been sick for years I was ar the end of my rope. He told me things that can help him right now this very day I got my son back. I will refer padda institute center to anybody who need help.

Dr. Gurpreet Padda

Becky Siegle

I came here due to chronic pain. I have really feel like iam recieving excellent help need for my pain. He seems to be really a caring dr. He runs test that I need is concerned on my problems and acres and pains that no other other will help me with the staff is very helpful and concerned with my problems.

Teresa Clark

I Teresa Clark have been coming to the Padda Institute since 2017, i have been in pain for a long time. Ive have pain in my lower back, neck, right knee, ive right a right hip replacement and my right femur has been broken. Pain is progress and it take takes, pain comes and goes.he provides me with steroid shots whivh last a while, it helps but the pain returns.

Brandon Clark

Have being going to the Padda institute for most of a decade now and trust few other doctors in regards to my health. He does well at applying his techniques to the whole person as well as finding staff that do an excellent job in assistance in all areas of care.

Get on my Level

I have been coming to padda institute for 5 years.Dr.Padda has been an amazing doctor that has helped me cope with my pain. When i came here i didnt know what to expect. He took time out to talk to me about my pain and what he could do to help me. Ive felt comfortable with the care i have received because i was in so much chronic and neuropothy pain that i did think no one could help me with. I appreciate the excellent care he has provided and im glad im his patient.

Curtis Williams

My name is curtis William’s, I been coming here about four years.the staff have treated. Me very nice the meds that was giving has been very helpful. The dr. was always nice and kindred. I was having severe bad and leg pain, I was diagnosed with ms and arthritis and poor circulation and chronic pains.

Gloria Chapple

My name is Gloria Chapple. I have been coming to DR.Padda slnce May of 2018. The treatment I have received has help me to be able to get around better and has also helped to relieve some of pain that I suffer with. I suffer from chronic pain in my knees, my back, and mg shoulders. Id reccomend the padda institute fo anyone who needs pain managment.


I have CRPS Type I. I have been seeing Dr. Padda for 2 years now and he is the only doctor that understands my pain and my disease. He always helps me in every way possible. I highly recommend Dr. Padda for anyone that has CRPS!

Julie Sanders

Dr. Padda has done a great job determining the source of my pain and getting it corrected! He even found a lump in my thyroid which was later removed. Luckily it wasn’t cancer but without Dr. Padda’s, it may have been discovered and it could have gotten worse! Thanks to Dr. Padda and his staff for their great care!

Gail Brinkmann

I’ve been with padda for about 13 years and I have degenerative disc disease spinal stenosis blown SI joint bone Spurs bulging disc , he is a great Dr and lesson to his patience , I get injections every two weeks in different places on my back and I see the podiatrist and psych doctor.

Lynn Mason

I’m a paitent at the Padda Institute I’ve been recieving Pain Therapy from Dr. Gurpreet Padda since March of 2013. I was referred to Dr. Padda by a doctor at Grace Hill Clinic, I was very sceptical at first but after a few months or so of treatments I started to see some improvement. When Dr. Padda interviewed me and did a series of tests which didn’t take a long long time he diagnosed me with having a Degenerative Disk, Torn Rotator Cuff, All on the right side..These problems gave me a fit day and night, lots of pain, not resting or sleeping much at all. The treatments, along with medication, physical and chiropractic therapy, diet, exercises a great staff and Dr. Padda’s expertise things are very good and at 64 years I’m groovy again.

Justine Ward

Thank God for Dr. G Padda, I’ve been coming to the Padda Institute for a little short of a yr, Dr. Padda has help me with weight, pain, finding the right help for my feet and host of other illnesses, I’m able to interact in every day Life because how Dr. Padda redirects to back to health. If it wasn’t for the Padda Institute I would still be at home not being able to help myself. Once again Thanks you PADDA INSTITUTE

Donald Clark

My Name Donald Grace hill told me about this place I been coming to Padda 8 months ago they help me with my pain in my back and legs and feet sometime it’s getting better sometime it don’t l like coming here. The staff is great, the process can be long at times but in the end it’s all worth it.

Sondra Fifer

Very good experience.

Ebony Davis

I love coming to padda office he solves atall my problems i was in so much pain when i came here back in 2014 i can say im getting better. Thank you padda

Rita Dodson

I am a patient at Padda Institute and I have been coming here for back pain and pain in my knees from severe crippling arthritis. He understands the needs of his patients and tries to the best of his abilities as much as he can to help with the pain.

John Meyer

Ive been coming to the Padda institute for four years and every second of it has been worth while. I had sever pain in my hands, legs, shoulders, and hip. Dr Padda provides me with injections its helps alot, i can move around alot better and my legs dont hurt as much. Id reccomend the Padda Institute to anyway. Its a worth while treatment.

Marvin Pickett

They been. Bery helpful in my pain in my back . He has always been very respectful an knowledge in explaining what he was doing to. Your situation as far as you’re pain ..is

Amy Lore

I have been going to Padda instuite with Dr Belcher in Bridgeton for well over a year now. In the 20 years i have been battling my back issues dr belcher and his NP Larissa and all the other nurses have been very informative and have been able to address all my pain needs that NO other doctor ever has or took the time to describe what was going on instead of just using me as a pin cushion and through some meds to. I feel like im getting better over time because of the attention that is constantly given to me regarding my issues.

Jimmie Myers

I started coming to padda institute for about a year because i had a stroke n spinal surgery n 2011 i have bad back pain n padda gives me the shot n i don’t feel the pain know more if it wasn’t for him i would be n very bad shape then what i am i am thankful for padda institute.

jerry harley

My experince at padda institute was very helpful in managig my neck and back pain with medications injection when i could. Nott sleep at or move around. Very well and could not find any to get help from my clinics. I would recommend the padda institute to anybody who is in need of pain management.

Preeti Hamilton

I had pain issue disc ruptured was so bad that half left side of my body head to toe was in pain n was unable to sleep. Dr PaddaThe best doctor I cud ever ask for helped me not only in my pain but also understood me personally. Helped me in depression and my pain in control. Always available when I needed him.

Cecil Coats

I was recamended by Dr Bri Vaid the reason I started coming was that I was having lower back pain due to bone merial donation for my sister over 40 years ago. By coming to Dr Padda the treatments and physical therapy has help me tremendously I’ve recamended him to several people. It’s good having a pain management doctor that listens to your concerns to treat your pain properly thanks to Dr Padda things are good with my condition.

Debra Sperling

I came to the Padda Institute due yo a slip and fall. I was reluctant at first because I thought it wasn’t that bad because the ER X-ray didnt find anything, but after a few days of enduring pain in my neck and back I was recommended to Dr. Padda and he sent me to get an MRI and that showed 5 bulging disk in my neck and back. After 8 weeks of pain management injections and physical therapy by the best Chiroprator, Dr Sherry, I feel so much better. I gained 20 lbs during this time and now I feel like I’m ready to get back in the gym!

Michael Henderson

Dr padda saved my life! Ive been with him for 5 years, maybe longer. i weighed 347 pounds when I first started and now I weigh 191. The only way I was going to live was to listen to him. I did the work and listened to Dr Padda and now im better because of it! The injections help tremendously with my pain as well. I know what he is doing and I am a believer! Thank you Dr. Padda and staff!!!

Betty Griffin

I have been coming tothcpadda institute for about 8 years for back and neck pain. I have arthritis in my hands and knees and disks in my back are out of town place a s well. Dr.Padda gives me injections to ease the pain an he helps me tremendously. I’d recommend anyone to the Padda institute of they were in any pain.

Tia Rose

My name is Tia. I been coming to doctor padda for 4 years I started coming hear for my back/knee pain. Doctor Padda has helped me over come some fears of constanly living with pain. I would recommend the Padda institute to anyone who would need pain amnagemnt. It works!

Alicia Haney

When I first came too Padda Institute was in so much pain. He’s been my Dream for almost 3yrs. My pain is much more tolerable, I didn’t want to live I was in so much Pain. I thank God for Dr. Padda. I’m able too smile again. I really appreciate what my Dr. has done for me. It works if you do what he tells you. I’m a living witness..

Florence Clemons

Dr. Padda has been a Godsend since I began seeing him in 2014. I had bariatric surgery in 2009 after having been shot by my ex-husband and I went from 145 lbs to 290 lbs. I am now 160 lbs. Dr. Padda has helped to control my pain & gave good advice for keeping the weight off, starting with cutting out sugar. I recommend him for it all.

Theresa Smith

My pain is so bad all the time so l comes here to get my Siam so l can feel better and Doctor’s Padda read pain with the so. And the medical help me a little and left a little better but the pain is still here and l will do some work out and careful work out padda institute IS a great place to come too thanks you.

Eric Stuber

When I started seeing Dr. Padda I could not take my shirt off or tie my shoes. I had extensive pain in my neck and head and was constantly going to the emergency room. I saw 10 local neurosurgeon’s who wouldn’t touch me. I was in serious trouble and in constant pain. Dr. Padda said he could help me and I couldn’t believe it. He set me up on a diet and a pain management program . I lost 60 pounds and kept it off for the last three years and never once went back to the emergency room. I honestly feel like he saved my life. Everything he has done to me has been a benefit. I don’t think any other doctor would’ve help me the way he has. My wife and I have talked about moving when she retires but I don’t think it’s possible because I’m not sure if there is a replacement Dr anywhere else! I put my life in his hands and it’s the best decision I ever made. Eric Stubrer.

Victor Cage

Ive been coming to the padda institute for about 4 years. I was havinng severe back problems and i need pain managment. Dr. Padda told me i had pinched nerves in my back. He gives me injections in my back and it does not hurt like it uaed to. Id recommend the padda institute tk any one who would newd pain managament.

Pearl Tabb

I have been coming to Dr. Padda for 5+ years. He has really helped my pain. The Chiropractor adjustments are very helpful. I also go to weight loss and in 7 months have I average 10lbs a month. I can do things I haven’t done in years. Thanks Dr Padda and team.

Dwight Keyes

Hi my name is Dwight. and I Have serious Back pain about 6 mounts ago I started seeing Dr padda He has been giving me shots in my lower back to chean up my vertibra he has helped me too stay feeling Better I’ am Been able to stay more actiue and to get around better i am able to Relay bafore going to bed and i’m not hurtng as much when i get up in the morwing.

CM1 Dozer Arrington

The Padda institute treats fairly. There are times that the waiting rooms are a bit crowded, however if you are patient, and willing to work with staff, the process is much smoother. Dr. Padda and Dr. Miller work quick, but efficient and if you are prepared to tell them everything that is ailing you for your pain, they will sit with you and explain why and what you will need to do to help them, help you. Pro-Therapy has also helped tremendously with chiro once a week and has kept me mobile and my pain levels at a very manageable level. I recommend.

Ellen Williams

My experience with Dr Padda has been life changing. When I started my pain numbers were from 9-10. Now my numbers are 3-3 and now I’m opioid free. The injections in my back and knees replaced surgeries I would have needed. The chiropractic sessions have been AMAZING. I’ve learned that by doing the exercises at home is speeding up my progress. Having all these specialists at the location has been very convenient for me because I live 127 miles from here. It’s been well worth the drive. The staff is very helpful and efficient. I read a very good article about Dr Padda in a booklet from Saint Louis University. I ran into my last pain Doctor, he said he hasn’t seen me in a while and how I was doing. I told him I had a new doctor. He asked me who and I told him Dr. Padda. He must have heard of him because his response was “Oooohh!”. I’m thankful every day for the friend who told me about the Padda institute.

Frederika Villhard

I’ve been with Dr. Padda approximately 4 yrs..Dr Padda has been treating me for compressed disks in my neck as well as a bulging disk..He also discovered bulging disk in my lumbar spine..He has been respectful very understanding of my pain..really does a Great! Job of managing my pain..

Molly Hileman

I have been a patient at The Padda Institute for 2 years now. I tried to get care at all the major hospitals in St. Louis city, but no one would help me. Dr. Padda listened to my concerns and has helped me out. I was barely able to walk before The Padda Institute and now I’m walking with ease. He had a busy schedule, yet still found time to helped out! Thanks Dr. Padda for all you have done for me!!!

terri correnti

I have been to many doctors for my arthritis and spinal disc issues and not one doc took an x ray or MRI. Not one of them could figure out my issues. When my doc retired he sent me to Dr. Padda and let me tell you this Dr. Knows his stuff and found all of my issues causing my pain. He is very kind and straightforward which some patients feel he is mean lol. He gets to the root cause and treats all of a person. I really love Dr.Padda and so glad I came to him.

Beverly Hicks

I been coming here for over7 years And it Been Helping me to Get better I Get Back Shots I Get Knee Shots I Am Doing Better now Compared To When I first start coming Dr Padda Also Has Me Seeing My Life In a Different Matter My goal is to get Better.

Roman Cole

My expirence when i go to the padda institute is always a pleasure. Everytime i get there they greet me by name. The waiting room is always ckean, the restrooms are up to par. The staff is always friendly and caring of my situations. The doctor is not big on surgery like the other doctors i have seen. He takes time to see what options are best for me. I recommend Dr. Padda to all in need of a pain specialist.

Latrice Smith

I’ve been coming here for a few years now for help with pain and other medical problems. The staff is always very friendly and professional and the treatment that I get does help alot I would recommend the Padda Institue to anyone to anyone thats would ever need pain managment.

Damon Washington

In 2012 I first came to Dr. Padda and I couldn’t even walk. I have had hip surgery and am on the weight loss program. There have be many good thing that have happened to me since I have been here. I owe it all to Dr. Padda. I will recommend that anybody who is experiencing pain come here and get treated by Dr. Padda. Damon Washington.

Beatrice Armstrong

I’ve been coming to the padda institute for about five to six years, I was having severe back problems and my leg was giving out. It affected my daily routines very badly and thanks to Dr. Padda I am able to start and get my life back. I would recommend the padda institute to anybody who needs it.

Sharon Brown

Hi I started comming to padda inst. To see Dr. Padda over 9 years now with excellent results. When i began my back and spine was in such bad shape i could hardly stand the pain. But with his help i now can move sround much more freely thanks to him. Id reccomend the padda institute to anyone who would need pain mamangement.

Terri Correnti

I have been to many doctors for my arthritis and spinal disc issues and not one doc took an x ray or MRI. Not one of them could figure out my issues. When my doc retired he sent me to Dr. Padda and let me tell you this Dr. Knows his stuff and found all of my issues causing my pain. He is very kind and straightforward which some patients feel he is mean lol. He gets to the root cause and treats all of a person. I really love Dr.Padda and so glad I came to him.

Crystal Cantrell

I have been seeing doctor Padda for about 2 years now for back and knee pain as well as migraines. He is very patient and we’ll spoken and I feel very comfortable seeing him. He manages my pain pretty effectively.I would reccomend any to the Padda institute center for pain if they need pain management.

Marlon Morgan

My experience with with dr.Padda was a wonderful experience for me the staff was very helpful and respectful to me and help me with any problems I had in every question I had they help me understand what the problem was and gave me a better look at what I was going through and I thank them for their help and I will refer them to everyone.

Stephanie Rosier

Dr.Padda help me alot i deen going hear sesne 2007. May pain was really bad i had to stop workingfor a living at first i could not move or drive a car but now i can drive now and get around better. I would reccomend the Padda institute to anyone that needs pain managment!

Jeffrey Carson

I have been seeing Dr padda for about 3 year’s i remember when I could barely walk I caint exsplain I lost a lot of weight I feel like a new person I appreciate all padda has done to help me and I believe I’ll will be going BK to work one day.

Angela Norman

I’ve been coming here ever since April the 16th I have sever arthritis in both knees and the lower left side of my back he has helped me out with my pain. He’s been very understanding and he cares about all his patients he follows up with all every two weeks because of my pain that I have he’s really good at that he does.

Tammy Stanley Barr

He was very informative and helpfully he madw me appointments for everything i needed and helped with my pains. The staff checked on me and made sure i was good and they followed up on me.

Mark Rossio

My cervical and lumbar pain have reduced from from severe to moderate. Dr padda and his staff have given me new purpose of life with my pain reduction and I continue to manage my pain. I believe the alternative pain medicine should further help in in pain management and in areas of anxiety and sleep as well

Theresa Moses

I been coming to see dr. Padda for about 4 years now and he has been doing a good job on me my pain and my weight. I had left him and went somewhere else but i end up coming back to him because he does good work. Thank you!

Sanita Darrough

I started coming to padda the beginning of April and he has helped me so much with back pain knee pain neck pain. My pain has decreased about 20 to 30% and I feel if I continue with Dr padda pretty soon I will be pain free I also benefit from the podiatrist nutritionist and chiropractor. And I I have recommended dr. Padda 2 a couple of people.

Brad Fuchs

I’ve seen Dr. Pada for over 20 years and can I just say he’s made a difference in my life pretty good and without him I’m not sure where I would be but I could say he’s definitely a first class doctor and all he wants to do is help people tolerates no BS All he wants to do is help people and make their lives better for them and some people try taking a vantage of him He finds them and weeds them out he doesn’t have time for fake people do you want Sammy passionate he’s definitely that some say he cold but thats what you have to do when your seeing as many patience as he does . He has a lot of passion for what he does.

Cleo Davis

I’ve been coming to Dr padda for over three years .I’ve been helped on many different ailments .MY KNEES WERE DAMAGED HES HELPED ME WITH THAT TREMENDOUSLY .THEY HURT A NOW BUT NOT AS MUCH .I’VE ALSO HAS CHRONIC ARTHRITIS AND BACK PROBLEMS AND SHOULDERS PROBLEM .I’GET SHOTS FOR THESE .THEY HELP OUT A LOT BUT THEY DON’T LAST UNTIL the next visitor pass A is great as im concernn

Ron Parker

My experience has been great.my pain has been managed to the point where I can do every day chores and enjoy life as best as possible.my overall condition is very good.thank you DR padda. I would absolutely reccomend anyone to the Padda Institute that is in dire need of pain managment.

Jimi Williams

I love the doctors at the Padda institute ! It’s very nice to have doctors you can trust , because they treat their patients like they would treat their friends or family. And to people like me , Dr Padda is a rockstar being on the news and stuff. I travel about an hour for my visits and it is totally worth it to have doctors you know care and are knowledgeable. Those of us that have unfortunately have had to deal with multiple doctors due to medical issues can appreciate a medical team like that , and I very highly recommend them , Dr Padda especially.

Nick nickvotino

I am very happy with the treatment I received from the institute.. I started coming here about 4years ago with severe back pain, and I it definitely helped. Sometimes the shots are painful but they do help. In my opinion they work wonders for me. My back pain has definitely been reduced greatly.

Frank Markle

I started coming to Dr Padda because of back pain and knee pain. (arthritis). I started in 2017. Besides the pain meds Dr padda has given me shots in lower back which has helped me to be able to bend and easier to get up from sitting position. (up and down). Helped me to walk easier. And to just move around. The shots have also stopped the burning sensation in left leg.

Roy Oliver

Dr. Padda is very through. He does a lot of test to insure he gets it right. Staff at the institute are very friendly. Every department is very professional. I haven’t met anyone in the 2 weeks that I have seen Dr. Padda that has had an unkind work to say about him or his work. I would highly recommend.

Angel Vanfleet

I’ve been seeing Dr.Padda for at least 11years. Dr. Padda has stopped my pain every time I’ve been to see him. My pain varies time to time and he hits the pain right away. If it wasn’t for Dr. Padda I probably wouldn’t be alive today Dr. Padda knows what he is doing and I give him all the respect and Dr. Padda is the #1 pain Dr. in my book. I went from walking with a cane to walking with no cane in matters of months. So if you’re in pain come see Dr. Padda at Padda Institute. Love Dr. Padda

Debroah Currie

I would like to commend Dr. Padda on his service to me for over the last 10 or so years. Nose to nose, toe to toe, happy or sad days. He has reached down, quickly and helped the pain and any other issue with lots of care behind the results. All of these things makes a huge difference. Ive lost over 100 pounds or more since I started coming here! I feel better physically and mentally thanks to Dr. Padda. More people should experience his service, of course there’s not enough of him!!!!

Lorie Henke

Started seeing Dr Padda in April 2019. I am seeing him for 3 bludge disk in lower back and 2 herniated disk, one bludge disk, and a fusion in my neck. Sine I have been seeing him my pain is manageable. First time in 10 years I am able to get a part time job.

Angie Spears

Great doctor. Knows what to do when you are in pain. He has really helped me with all my medical issues and I would and will highly recommend him for services to anybody. I started coming here due to server Bone pain due to chemotherapy and radiation treatments and I am getting better with his help.

Dave Wellman

The Padda Institute has been a major and great relief in my pain management since I started coming here for help. I have been going through major back, neck and hip issues for years and thanks to Dr. Padda and his staff I have been able to function better than I have in years. Dr. Padda is very knowledgeable in his field and his staff is great and do their best to accommodate the patients.The pro therapy is excellent and I deeply appreciate all that they do for me. I visit their office twice a week and for chiropractic therapy and I appreciate that they listen to their patients and have always had a good experience with them. 😎

Yvonne Hill

I’ve been coming to the Padda Institute since 2015, it all started with back pain. My back pain was sever, I could barely take care of myself. I couldn’t bend, couldn’t Clea the house or walk, and I could barely use the rest room.Dr. Padda has helped control my pain to where I could drive, wall and perform the work I need to do. He is a great doctor and I’d reccomed anyone to come to the

Padda Institute


Raymond Ford

I’ve been coming to the Padda Institute for about 2 years.I had severe back pain that prevented me from doing most day to day tasks. AFTER seeing Dr. Padda he informed me that I had bulging disks in the lower back, he gives me injections in my lower back and it helps me with my pain amazingly.

Xae Oae

I’ve been a patient for 10+ years and Dr Padda has been able to help relieve my pain. The best thing is being able to participate in activities I’d had to give up. He’s very knowledgeable about and wants to help you, through steroid injections, therapy and medications and other treatments. I’m functioning better than I’d been for over 20 years.

Rodney Davis

My Experience At Padda Institute Has always been Pleasant. I Get the Treatment for My pain also I’m treated Good. Doctor padda has always spoken about How Is Your pain science that is why I’m here I feel like I’m someone. Onetime I Came and told the Doctor that I had other things going on and he made it possible for me to get Treatment on my feet, also my weight control now that is more than otherwise three Different places I would have had to go.

Will Myers

I have Degenerative Disc Disease with four herniated discs in my neck and lower back. My condition affects every aspect of my life. I haven’t been able to work in almost two years. I am currently pending a Disability claim. I’ve been been coming to Padda for about a year and a half. I get injections and recently had an RF treatment. Coming to Dr Padda has definitely given me a more tolerable quality of living.

Cedric Miller

I being going to doc pads for now than 3 years now: from a car accident . I come to doctor pads because I see that he care about me being in good shap. He the best doctor in the world too me. Are appreciate Everything he did from me. I’d recommend this institute to anyone that is having pain.

Dewayne Gaston

Dr. Padda has opened up my eyes to the way my body really works. I have lost over 45 pounds in the 9 mouths I have been seeing him and that is with little working out. Teaching me how to eat right and what to eat has helped me a lot. Teaching me how to take care of my body has opened up my mind to knew things. I’m walking better and more active now… Thank you Doc!!

Bill Files

I have been a patient of Dr. Padda’s for over 20 years. He has helped me manage and treat my severe pain in many ways. I trust and respect him very much and highly recommend him to everyone. He is always willing to listen to me and does his best to treat and help ease my pain.

Og Ant

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Padda for about 3 1/2 years. When I first got here I could barely stand up because my back pain was so intense. Dr. Padda has been working with me through exercise, injections and medication to manage my pain. I follow his directions and now I feel much better. There was a time when I was in the hospital and the doctors were having a problem so they called Dr. Padda and he was able to help because he has been taking care of me for so long. He truly cares. I would highly recommend Dr. Padda to anyone suffering with pain!

Kirby McClendon

The Padda Institute, has helped me develop a since of self worth, by treating my back, neck, and knee pains. About 5 years ago, I came to Dr. Padda, since then I’ve grown to understand more about my condition and how it’s being treated. I love this place. I would reccomend the padda institute to anyone who need pain management.

Lisa Henderson

I’ve been coming to the padda institute for 6 years. I receive good treatment. Wait times could improve the injections help greatly, I feel a little rough for a couple of days before I get relief. The employees are very nice and respectful. I hope to continue treatment as long as needed

Larry Mack Jr.

Since 2017 Dr Padda has been helping me get relief in my pain. I injured my shoulder and lower back within 20 years ago! Been having no relief but constantly going through much pain over the years! I wasn’t able to maintain like a job like I wanted to. He has been a good doctor helping me to get more motion in my body and very thankful for having him through this course in my life

Lisa Williams

I’ve been coming to Dr. Padda for about 10 years. He has helped me alot. The injections help with my low back. Helps me to get around better without the severe pain. I also get’em in my knees and neck. I like the fact that he sends us to get tests done so he knows how to treat us better. He help me alot over the years. I have told family and friends about this place. And they come too.

Sommer Reece

I gave 5 stars because Dr. Padda I feel save my life. Dr. Padda testes for all things when you 1st starts and he was the one that find out I was allergic to wheat and I take it back to stomach Doctor’s that had no ideal what was wrong with me. Dr Padda might fuss at me but its because he cares about my weight he don’t get paid anymore or any less for that. Dr Padda does that because he cares and want better for all his patients. He have a kind HEART I just hate the way his patients treat him and his staff when they all trying to help us

Chris Legrand

Dr. Padda has helped me in ways that other doctors have not. He is very thorough with diagnostics, testing, treatment plans, and prognoses. His injection treatments are usually effective and efficiently eliminate pain in most areas. I would recommend Dr. Padda to anyone suffering significant pain symptoms. He’ll listen and prescribe an individualized treatment plan corresponding to your specific needs.

Ben Ford

I have been a patient of Dr.Padda for 4 yrs now and I have always enjoyed my interactions with him as a patient. He has educated me on ways to help alleviate pain without the use of more medicine. I have a very comfortable and friendly relationship with Dr.Padda which is a huge plus with me because it’s not everyday a doctor takes the time to make sure you’re fully aware of all the options available to you.

Reggie Bullock

I’m a chronic care patient seeing Dr. Padda for pain management through the recommendation of my primary care physician. Since my visits and treatments with and by Dr. Padda, I can almost function with the normality of my life. I’m truly grateful for the care Dr. Padda is giving me. I personally recommend anyone with chronic pain to schedule an appointment with Dr. Padda and I feel very confident in saying you will not be disappointed.

Lee Milliner

Padda institute has helped me control my pain & also helped me how to lose weight. I started at 303 pounds , now I’m at 276 pounds. Wow, they truly helped me. The therapy and chiropractor makes me feel like a new person. They explain every step of the way! Thank YOU Padda Institute for helping me through the pain & weight loss.

Andy Oconnor

I have been going to Dr Padda for 2 years and the overall treatment is fabulous. I can walk now. I went to apply for my medical marijuana card and Dr Padda made it so easy. I was so impressed with the ease of getting this application finished. I was in and out in 35 minutes. I would like to thank Dr. Padda very much.

Dane Giazzone

Kind and friendly staff who make it their business to handle your medicine needs. The pharmacy has an automated reminder to call and leave you a voicemail to notify you your prescription or refill is ready. Conveniently located downtown at the back of the Schnucks Culinaria (past meat and bread, next to milk and the magazine section).

Geno Wolf

I have been a patient of Dr Padda for many years. He has helped me when others did nothing. I am currently in treatment for falling on Schmucks parking lot in a pool of oil. Broke my back in 5 places. very slow to recover. Fell right under a security camera for the bank. Two eye witness. Prior to that a dump truck ran me over in Texas. My attorney sold me out I got nothing 30 thousand dollars my gosh people get more for a coffee spill. Found out later he worked for the insurance company. Found UT on linked in. Be sure you checkout your attorney.

Charles Nixon

I’m a patient of Dr. Padda ever since probably since 2015. I started seeing Dr. Padda as a patient who had several failed back surgeries. I had multiple problems with a double spinal fusion plus have another fusion from S1 to T5. I have been doing extremely better since seeing Dr. Padda. He has brought me from a walker to a cane. I could not walk long distances, could not exercise and always felt tired. I was always depressed and dad severe anxiety issues. I feel extremely well. I have been receiving injections in my back every two weeks for months and when necessary on my cervical spine. I had carotid artery surgery on my left carotid artery from my groin to my neck. Dr. Padda has taken care of me very well and I would recommend Dr Padda to anybody that has got problems who suffered from chronic pain. If it wasn’t for this man and Padda Institute I would be in a wheelchair or would be paralyzed from the waist down. I also suffer from Squamous cell carcinoma cancer and Drpadda and Dr. Paul I have also gone extremely well and monitored my cancer. I get my pain medicine and when everything said he wanted to cut it back and stick up for his paycheck he’s a no nonsense doctor he’s very very educated and very patient oriented thank you my name is Charles Edward Nixon and I am a patient at Padda pain management Center thanks.

dorothy mcdile

I love Dr. Padda he’s a good doctor he cares about you I went to doctor with certin problems and I didn’t no why I was in so much pain Dr.Padda was there for me he was understanding and he got right down and found out what the problem was I can’t see my self going to any one else.

Marianne McMahon

Dr Padda is EXCELLENT! He has helped me more in 3 years than I’d been helped in over 10 years of horrible pain. My quality of life is much improved and I am grateful to Dr Padda and his staff for all they have done. Dr AL Gaborey is pretty awesome too.

Debbie Ervin

I have been coming to padda institute for a few years I have problems with my back I have disc problem Dr padda has been giving me injections in my back they help relieve pressure on my back and I have pain pills they help to sometimes he’s a very good Dr I have a lot of pain.

Lucci Lewis

Hi my name is Erika Williams I have been a patient of Padda Institute for more than eight years . I receive injection they really help me with my problem .Things been going very well since I been here since Dr.Mosley, I’ve been coming since an accident I have pain in my lower back, torn legiments in my right leg, I have arthritis in my lower back and my discis bad in back and spine

Sherman Edwards

I just want to say that ive had a great experience with Dr. Padda. I have gone to numerous doctors trying to figure out what was going on with me and Dr. Padda was the first one to actually help. He took the time by being very thorough with more tests than ive had taken anywhere else. Since coming here my pain is getting better! Thanks doc!

Tinisha Watson

Staff very friendly. Dr.Padda will help you along your journey to healthy living.

Aliska Caleb

I been coming to Dr Padda since 2016 after I was in a car accident. I was in so much pain I couldn’t get out the bed. Dr Padda got me together not just the pain he helped me with my weight loss and eating habits. Now I’m moving around much better thanks to Dr Padda.

Yulonda Roberts

When i first started coming to Dr.Padda i had migraine headaches on a daily. I had been through so much medication and different treatments but nothing helped or worked. I came to Dr. Padda and things change for the better. His office began to see me whenever i would have a migraine which was almost everyday. I began getting injections that helped some. There was one treatment called SPG that helped me so much. I began to get relief one day at a time. It had been so long since i had been without a migraine that i didn’t know how to act. Now i don’t have migraines as much as i use to. Some weeks i may not even have a migraine. I also have back and knee problems but i haven’t had the pain that i use to have. Dr. Padda is a hard working dr. That listens to your problem, works to solve them and does his job to the fullest. I am glad to have come into his office for help because it was/is really worth the time.

steve norbury

I have been coming to Dr. Padda since 2008. He has helped me in so many different ways Then other pain institutions I previously went to and I am happy that I found him. I would recommend to everyone come to see him first and save time. He takes the time to get to your pain problems personally and not just treat pain in general.

diane burke

I have been coming to Dr. Padda for several years. I have multiple illnesses that cause me severe pain all over my body. Dr. Padda has been the only Doctor that has been able to get the pain under a manageable level. I highly recommend Dr. Padda for anyone who needs pain relief.

Jessica Dodson

Ive been to several and this one is #1 in my book!!.. Started coming here cause I was in pain so bad I couldn’t pull myself out of bed. Dr padda has helped me so much with my pain and with losing weight it was a tough journey and still more to go but I’m glad to have someone like padda on my side, he is knows what he is doing, …even if you dont think so he has your best interest in heart. I wont be going anywhere else!

Chris Spencer

I was born with club feet and developed scoliosis, I’ve been completely disabled for the last ten years. But thanks to Dr Padda I am finally able to work, it does make me quite happy to work and not be in the pain that I have lived with most of my life.

Eva K

Excellent experience with renting their ballroom space! Perfect for our awards banquet and dance. Small group so we were able to contain it all in the one room and have the kitchen too! Economical and efficient. Building overseers were helpful and supplied ladder when needed for decorating. (Hint* invest in magnetic hooks to attach to the strips on the ceiling then hang decorative objects) Ashley was phenomenal! So easy to negotiate with during contract signing and payment. Kept me up to date with any changes or improvements to building and/or ballroom since the last time I’d seen it. Overall, I would highly recommend this space to ANYONE for ANY type gathering. It’s a wonderful space that can be transformed into anything you’d want it to be. The people are fabulous. The price is competitive and fair. AND…your dollars are going to a great organization so you get a double bang for your buck that will move forward to do more good work.