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Eva K

Excellent experience with renting their ballroom space! Perfect for our awards banquet and dance. Small group so we were able to contain it all in the one room and have the kitchen too! Economical and efficient. Building overseers were helpful and supplied ladder when needed for decorating. (Hint* invest in magnetic hooks to attach to the strips on the ceiling then hang decorative objects) Ashley was phenomenal! So easy to negotiate with during contract signing and payment. Kept me up to date with any changes or improvements to building and/or ballroom since the last time I’d seen it. Overall, I would highly recommend this space to ANYONE for ANY type gathering. It’s a wonderful space that can be transformed into anything you’d want it to be. The people are fabulous. The price is competitive and fair. AND...your dollars are going to a great organization so you get a double bang for your buck that will move forward to do more good work.

Chris Spencer

I was born with club feet and developed scoliosis, I've been completely disabled for the last ten years. But thanks to Dr Padda I am finally able to work, it does make me quite happy to work and not be in the pain that I have lived with most of my life.

Jessica Dodson

Ive been to several and this one is #1 in my book!!.. Started coming here cause I was in pain so bad I couldn't pull myself out of bed. Dr padda has helped me so much with my pain and with losing weight it was a tough journey and still more to go but I'm glad to have someone like padda on my side, he is knows what he is doing, ...even if you dont think so he has your best interest in heart. I wont be going anywhere else!

diane burke

I have been coming to Dr. Padda for several years. I have multiple illnesses that cause me severe pain all over my body. Dr. Padda has been the only Doctor that has been able to get the pain under a manageable level. I highly recommend Dr. Padda for anyone who needs pain relief.

steve norbury

I have been coming to Dr. Padda since 2008. He has helped me in so many different ways Then other pain institutions I previously went to and I am happy that I found him. I would recommend to everyone come to see him first and save time. He takes the time to get to your pain problems personally and not just treat pain in general.

Yulonda Roberts

When i first started coming to Dr.Padda i had migraine headaches on a daily. I had been through so much medication and different treatments but nothing helped or worked. I came to Dr. Padda and things change for the better. His office began to see me whenever i would have a migraine which was almost everyday. I began getting injections that helped some. There was one treatment called SPG that helped me so much. I began to get relief one day at a time. It had been so long since i had been without a migraine that i didn't know how to act. Now i don't have migraines as much as i use to. Some weeks i may not even have a migraine. I also have back and knee problems but i haven't had the pain that i use to have. Dr. Padda is a hard working dr. That listens to your problem, works to solve them and does his job to the fullest. I am glad to have come into his office for help because it was/is really worth the time.

Aliska Caleb

I been coming to Dr Padda since 2016 after I was in a car accident. I was in so much pain I couldn’t get out the bed. Dr Padda got me together not just the pain he helped me with my weight loss and eating habits. Now I’m moving around much better thanks to Dr Padda

Tinisha Watson

Staff very friendly. Dr.Padda will help you along your journey to healthy living.

Sherman Edwards

I just want to say that ive had a great experience with Dr. Padda. I have gone to numerous doctors trying to figure out what was going on with me and Dr. Padda was the first one to actually help. He took the time by being very thorough with more tests than ive had taken anywhere else. Since coming here my pain is getting better! Thanks doc!

Lucci Lewis

Hi my name is Erika Williams I have been a patient of Padda Institute for more than eight years . I receive injection they really help me with my problem .Things been going very well since I been here since Dr.Mosley, I've been coming since an accident I have pain in my lower back, torn legiments in my right leg, I have arthritis in my lower back and my discis bad in back and spine