Covid-19 restrictions doubled the rate of weight gain in children.

Summary: The prevalence of obesity in children and young adults has risen in the US and even globally. It will have long-term consequences like an increase in diabetes, hypertension, and other related disorders. It has been an ongoing trend for the last few decades. Even worse, a new study by CDC indicates that covid-19 doubled […]

“Science Progressesone Funeral At A Time.” Max Planck

It took nearly 50 years from the first published scientific evidence linking smoking and lung cancer until effective regulation was introduced to curb tobacco consumption. Big tobacco companies adopted a strategy of denial, planting doubt, obfuscating, and even buying the loyalty of scientists. The recent similarities with big food and big pharma are uncanny.

Prescription Medications Are Now The Third Most Common Cause of Death Globally

Prescription medications are now the third most common cause of death globally after heart disease and cancer should be alarming. Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and the BMJ blueprint to reduce the harms of “too much medicine” Choosing Wisely campaign, to educate the public to ask their provider if there is “simpler or safer options” […]

A 2015 Global Survey…

90% believing that fat consumption could lead to cardiovascular issues 87% believing that fat consumption could lead to obesity 54% of doctors and 40% of nutritionists thought that eating cholesterol rich foods raised blood cholesterol 83% of doctors believed butter was worse than margarine 66% of doctors believed vegetable oils are beneficial to health

Epidemic or Pandemic:

Epidemic or Pandemic: Every species gets the same disease. Reversing the obesity, prediabetes, and type 2 diabetes epidemic is today’s most important public health challenge. Nearly 70% of the population is insulin resistant, prediabetic, or frankly diabetic. Kraft, J.R.:” GlucoseInsulin Tolerance. A routine Clinical Laboratory Tool Enhancing Diabetes Detection”. In O.B. Hunter. Jr. (ed): Radio […]

The Mono-Cropped Surplus

By 1967, American corn farm was growing nearly three times as much corn as it had thirty years earlier. The mono-cropped surplus was shared with livestock to increase production, the average dairy cow now produces more than seventy pounds of milk per day, and the top-performing Holsteins produce two hundred pounds per day, a 1,200 […]

What To Test And Why. IgM, IgG, PCR,…

About COVID-19: We are all going to be exposed to this virus eventually. A virus is just a virus, it lacks morality, or politics. A virus only expresses itself based upon the host’s biochemical capacity. This particular virus hijacks hosts that are predisposed to metabolic inflammation and have a pre-existing cytokine storm. We are already […]

Pick Your Poison…? Netflix or Covid?

On average, every single hour of TV viewed after the age of 25 reduces the viewer’s life expectancy by 21.8 (95% UI: 0.3-44.7) min. Br J Sports Med. 2012 Oct;46(13):927-30. DOI: 10.1136/bjsm.2011.085662.


We are living in a diabetes pandemic. But diabetes isn’t just about blood sugar, it’s systemic inflammation, incessant cravings-driven eating. It’s obesity. And it’s impacting our nation in ways most are completely unaware of. From our children’s exposure to the U.S. dietary regulations in our public schools and the rise in ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) […]