What To Test And Why. IgM, IgG, PCR,…

About COVID-19:

We are all going to be exposed to this virus eventually.

A virus is just a virus, it lacks morality, or politics.

A virus only expresses itself based upon the host’s biochemical capacity.

This particular virus hijacks hosts that are predisposed to metabolic inflammation and have a pre-existing cytokine storm.

We are already getting blood samples for IgG and IgM, which measure the antibody to the virus.

Testing for the virus is mandatory to define its prevalence and spread potential, but the actionable tests are of host biochemistry.

What we should also be evaluating is:
Insulin Level
Omega 6:3 ratio

We need these tests to determine what the true at risk population, to reduce the damage from the virus. Because we are all going to be exposed to the virus eventually.

Exposure, infection, morbidity, and mortality vary widely based upon the host biochemistry.
This virus is merely the spark igniting a bonfire in the presence of accelerants. Let’s take away the accelerants because we live in a world of potential sparks all the time.
Human behavior controls the accelerants, we don’t control the sparks.

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