Rubber Banding” or The Fat “Yo-Yo” or Relapse-Induced Hyperplasia of Adipose Tissue

Why we regain weight after weight loss regains more than we lost.

Each time you lose weight it becomes more difficult . “rubber banding” or the fat “yo-yo” or relapse-induced hyperplasia of adipose tissue.

Weight loss awakens the body’s defense system which is focused on the objective of restoring the body’s depleted energy reserves.

• Adipocytes shrink during weight loss, but there is no discernible change in the number of adipocytes in adipose tissue.
• But when you regain the weight, they don’t just grow back to normal size, they actually multiply. Metabolic conditions during the relapse to obesity may provide the conditions that promote hyperplasia
• This increase in cell number persisted throughout the relapse process as all of the adipocytes became larger. This increased cell number partially explains animals surpassing their pre-weight loss weight following relapse.

Obes Rev. 2015 Feb; 16(Suppl 1): 45–54.
Published online 2015 Jan 22. DOI: 10.1111/obr.12255

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