Reducing Dietary Saturated Fats

Reducing dietary saturated fats does not reduce cardiovascular events and death. Improvements in cardiovascular outcomes are independent of direct cholesterol lowering. Dietary trials that provide abundant natural fats such as α-linoleic acid, polyphenols and Ω-3 fatty acids found in nuts, olive oil, oily fish, and vegetables exert a positive health effect, likely by reducing inflammation,… Continue reading Reducing Dietary Saturated Fats

A Meta-Analysis Including Almost 10,000 Patients…

A meta-analysis including almost 10,000 patients confirmed that high intake of Ω-6 oils (from vegetable oils/margarines) increases the risk of death and heart disease compared to saturated fat plus trans-fat. Human research data suggest that we should remove these vegetable oils from our food supply for optimal health.

Why Does The Carnivore Diet Work

The carnivore diet has been praised to achieve stunning results in a very short period. What about it causes such change? It is said that the people who could benefit the most from an all-meat carnivore diet are those with some already existing autoimmune disorders, allergies, severe inflammatory diseases like arthritis, depression, or IBS. Going… Continue reading Why Does The Carnivore Diet Work

Saturated Fats Unpuzzled; 10 Different Types

In the last decade, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding saturated fats. In case the news hasn’t caught up with you, scientists are rethinking the bad label attached to saturated fats. Well, this does not dispel the negative vibe attached to fatty meat and cheese but it seeks to clarify some broad generalizations… Continue reading Saturated Fats Unpuzzled; 10 Different Types