The ACE Inhibitors

The death rate in patients with multiple comorbid conditions of metabolic dysfunction is vastly greater than the general population. Less than 12.2% of the US population does not have severe metabolic inflammation or metabolic dysfunction. Profoundly, the very drug class that is the preferred for blood pressure management in metabolic syndrome, may dramatically increase Coronavirus… Continue reading The ACE Inhibitors

Long-Term Vegan Diet: Metainflammation & Sarcopenia

I operate an interventional pain clinic in the urban core. More than 90% of my chronic pain patients have metabolic dysfunction and have always presumed that the Standard American Diet was to blame for their metabolic syndrome and subsequent metainflammation. Even the ones who do not have high waist circumference still had elevated fasting glucose… Continue reading Long-Term Vegan Diet: Metainflammation & Sarcopenia