What Exactly Is Insulin Resistance?

Insulin is a vital hormone that controls the levels of sugar in our bodies. In a nutshell, it removes excess glucose from the blood through a process known as glycogenesis. However, problems with insulin are at the heart of many medical conditions. Insulin resistance occurs when your cells stop responding to insulin. This means that […]

The Secret To Becoming A Type 2 Diabetic

Obesity, Prediabetes, and Diabetes Type 2 are associated with most of the diseases of modern society (cardiovascular/cerebrovascular disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease). These are all metabolic dysfunctions related to the malnutrition of overconsumption which leads to metabolic inflammation, or metal inflammation. This series of articles provides a recipe on how to make a healthy society, and […]

Foods That Improve Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin sensitivity can be described as the response the body elicits following the release of insulin. When the sensitivity is high, the body will require a small amount of insulin to reduce blood sugar levels. On the other hand, when sensitivity is low, the body may fail to respond to even high levels of insulin. […]

Insulin is The Link Between Adipose Tissue Inflammation and Metabolic Syndrome.

Hyperinsulinemia (HI) serves as the common link between adipose tissue inflammation (ATI) and metabolic syndrome. The obesity-associated metabolic phenotype elevated pro-inflammatory cells (M1 macrophages and NK-cells) suppressed anti-inflammatory cells (M2 macrophages, eosinophils, and regulatory T-cells). Partial reduction of circulating insulin level attenuated excess calorie-induced ATI and improved insulin sensitivity. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 2018 Dec 5;477:15-28. […]