Financial insecurity and risk of dementia

Summary: The risk of dementia is higher in people with low socioeconomic status. Low income or financial insecurity is one of the major sources of chronic stress. Prolonged stress response considerably increases the risk of dementia or age-related cognitive decline. Stress results in higher activity of the HPA-axis elevated cortisol and vasopressin. It ultimately means […]

What To Test And Why. IgM, IgG, PCR,…

About COVID-19: We are all going to be exposed to this virus eventually. A virus is just a virus, it lacks morality, or politics. A virus only expresses itself based upon the host’s biochemical capacity. This particular virus hijacks hosts that are predisposed to metabolic inflammation and have a pre-existing cytokine storm. We are already […]

95.5 R&B For The Lou with Dr. Padda

Stephen Edward:          Good morning and welcome to today on 95.5 R&B For The Lou. I’m your host Stephen Edward and joining us back on the program, Dr. Gurpreet Padda. He joins us back on [Batoto 00:00:12] today. It’s great to see your Dr. Padda. Welcome back to the show. Gurpreet Padda:           Thank you. I appreciate […]

Canned Soup, Anymore? What You Eat Matters!!

Prehistoric humans ate bone marrow like canned soup 400,000 years ago. Bone marrow constitutes a significant source of nutrition, it and the cranial vault contents were the few available highly nutritious resources available for early scavengers humans, who subsisted on remnants from larger predator kills. The access to this fat likely contributed to the direct […]

What is Overnutrition Induced Inflammation?

Inflammation is a biological response launched by the immune system against dangerous assaults which threaten the integrity and normal physiology of an organism. Chronic nutrient overload causes an increase in adipose irregularities in that, if adipose tissue expandability is low, there will be an increased presence of thickened tissue. This condition would lead to a […]

Eating your way to true health

The ultimate way to good health is through changing your eating habits. You can change your eating habits with some conscious decisions, and your body will follow. Start with a clean slate. The easiest way to change is to change your environment first, and your human body will find its way through the new maze. […]

Why We Care

Why do we care so much about food and diet and its impact on your health? We own and operate chronic care health-related companies, but also own and operate restaurants.  We have been fascinated with the intersection of health, dietary intake, and lifestyle. We view nutrition as a program, or a subroutine, that informs and instructs the […]