Glycation and HgBA1C

Glycation is a chemical reaction that spontaneously occurs in the presence of increased carbohydrates and is referred to as a Maillard reaction. Glycation (non-enzymatic glycosylation) is the result of the covalent bonding of a sugar molecule, such as glucose or fructose, to a protein or lipid molecule, without the controlling action of an enzyme and… Continue reading Glycation and HgBA1C

Why Stressed People Can’t Seem to Lose Weight.

Mindset effects weight at a biochemical level. Clinically we tell patients that weight loss is about mindset, but I’ve struggled to explain the biochemical pathway why epinephrine associated with stress would cause insulin-resistant patients to gain weight, rather than lose weight. 1. Chronically elevated stress responses lead to elevated epinephrine. 2. Epinephrine normally signals for… Continue reading Why Stressed People Can’t Seem to Lose Weight.