Rats, Food, Prisons – Reversing The Diabetes Pandemic With Dr. Gurpreet Padda – Reversing Diabetes

Diabetes isn’t just about bloods sugar, it’s systemic inflammation, incessant cravings-driven eating. It’s obesity.

And it’s impacting our nation in ways most are completely unaware of.

From our children’s exposure to the US dietary regulations in our public schools and the rise in ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), to behavioural issues in the prison system where most inmates emerge severely diabetic.

We are generating a massive problem of staggering social dysfunction most clearly evident in our nation’s urban areas. As a nation, we are failing.

And Dr. Gurpreet Padda is right in the middle of it. Based in St. Louis, MO, The Padda Institute is highly regarded as one of the best pain centers in St. Louis.

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