Prediabetes is a “Pre-Diagnosis” of Diabetes

Are you pre-diabetic? How can you tell? Can it be ignored?? Of all the chronic diseases currently known to mankind, diabetes is the most common. The onset of diabetes starts years before it becomes full-blown and starts affecting one’s health. How can you know if you are on the path to being a full-blown diabetic? What can you do to arrest and reverse this process?

Prediabetes is a “pre-diagnosis” of diabetes—a warning sign of sorts. It happens when your blood glucose level (blood sugar level) is higher than normal but not high enough to be considered diabetes.

Prediabetes is an indication that you could develop type 2 diabetes (T2D) if you don’t take some immediate and lasting lifestyle changes.

During the prediabetes phase, your pancreas still produces enough insulin in response to ingested carbohydrates. The insulin is less effective at removing the sugar from the bloodstream, though, so your blood sugar remains high. This condition is called insulin resistance. Your HgBA1C is greater than 5.6 but less than 6.5. Your fasting sugar is greater than 105.

You should be aggressively treated with lifestyle modification and possibly metformin if you have been diagnosed with prediabetes. A lot of tissue damage is occurring during this silent period.

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