Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)

Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease is the main cause of liver disease. Its prevalence reaches 30% in the population and up to 75–100% in obesity.

Different degrees of severity characterize this disease. Although the great majority of patients are without symptoms, nearly 20% eventually progress to develop chronic hepatic inflammation which can lead to early hypertension, cirrhosis, cancer of the liver, and increased mortality.
NAFLD is the leading cause of liver transplantation in the United States.

Elevated GGT, a sentimental sign of liver function collapse, is triggered by metainflammation and liver insulin resistance.

Many patient’s who are identified early and achieve reversal of metainflammation by reducing omega 6, increasing omega 3, and eliminating carbohydrates get reversal of NAFLD.

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