Listen to Hyperinsulinemia Causing Chronic Pain – Gurpreet Padda from LowCarbUSA Podcast on our website

Dr Gurpreet Padda is an interventional pain physician who treats with patients with profound, chronic, severe pain that is unrelenting.  Over time he worked out that there was more to these people’s pain than just the physical source of it and that it was also a systemic or metabolic inflammatory issue and that hyperinsulinemia was at the root of it.  He found that the majority of his patients were obese and either pre-diabetic or diabetic. He found that the majority of them also had leaky gut as well. This was all caused by the standard American diet (SAD) i.e. vegetable oils, processed carbs and excessive sugar.  He talks about how the junk food companies manipulate the fructose concentration higher than regular fructose corn syrup in order increase the addiction factor. What he is doing in the community is astounding.  They have over 65,000 active patients in their online program which is totally free and he even contributes more than a million dollars of his own money every year to the program. You can find out more about this program at:

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