Autism Connection?

February 7, 2020

Soybean oil not only leads to obesity and diabetes but could also affect neurological conditions such as:

maternal-child bonding
Alzheimer’s disease

A previous study published in 2015 suggested that soybean oil-induced obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance, and fatty liver in mice. A more recent 2020 study published in the journal Endocrinology, compared mice fed diets high in fat: soybean oil, a polyunsaturated fat vs. coconut oil, a saturated fat.

Soybean oil produced pronounced effects on the hypothalamus, which regulates body weight via metabolism, maintains body temperature, is critical for reproduction and physical growth as well as response to stress. Surprisingly, mice fed soybean oil downregulated the gene which produces oxytocin in the hypothalamus, the hormone responsible for mother-child bonding and is also known as the “love” hormone.

Nearly an additional 100 other genes were also affected by the soybean oil diet, which may have ramifications not just for energy balance, but also for brain function and diseases such as autism.

One day we will view industrial seed oils with the same disdain as cigarette smoking…

BTW: Soybean oil is polyunsaturated fat and is often touted as a healthy option over saturated fats, but the saturated fat from coconut oil, produced very few changes in the hypothalamic genes.

Dysregulation of Hypothalamic Gene Expression and the Oxytocinergic System by Soybean Oil Diets in Male Mice. Endocrinology, 2020; DOI: 10.1210/endocr/bqz044.

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