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About us:

Our mission and beliefs:


Our protocol offers real hope and transformational change to patients who would otherwise be consigned to a lifetime of medications, doctor’s visits, and suffering.


We believe the health of the individual is the fundamental unit of the health of the community.

We expose misaligned incentives and return the power of health to the individual.

We believe empowered individuals change their communities.

We are citizen scientists and choose the health span, not just the life span.

If you are overweight, obese, prediabetic, or have type 2 diabetes, this protocol is for you.

Only 12.2 per cent of American adults are now metabolically healthy.  Eighty-six million adults in the U.S. have prediabetes, and 70% of these individuals will eventually develop diabetes.  Being overweight or obese is the main factor in the progression of diabetes.

The best way to reverse diabetes is not to get diabetes in the first place because your chances of heart disease, cancer, and death are increased even as a prediabetic.

Our protocol offers real hope and transformational change to patients who would otherwise be consigned to a lifetime of medications, doctor’s visits, and suffering.  Welcome to

Why we care.

We own and operate chronic care health-related companies, but we also own and operate restaurants.  We have been fascinated with the intersection of health, dietary intake, and lifestyle.  We view nutrition as a program, or a subroutine, that informs and instructs the body to a specific action.  A corrupted program leads to a corrupted outcome.

Our clinics evaluate and treat several thousand patients annually for chronic and acute pain in an urban setting where access to high-intensity healthcare is readily available through several large academic centers and government-sponsored outreach clinics. Unfortunately, despite the availability of cutting-edge medical treatment, individual and population health continues to decline year over year.  Over 90% of our patients have untreated metabolic syndrome, and over 80% have undiagnosed prediabetes or diabetes type 2.  The symptom of pain is the final common pathway for the human body to signal impending tissue damage, and most patients avoid contact with the health delivery system until they develop a symptom that they can no longer ignore.  Unfortunately, our clinical practice is not unique; pain is the leading reason for patients seeking medical care and is one of the most disabling, burdensome, and costly conditions in the US. Overall, pain care/treatment and lost productivity cost $635 billion per year.  The common nexus between metabolic syndrome and chronic pain is the hyperinflammatory state or metal inflammation.

As we have treated this patient population over the last 20-plus years, we have discovered some common threads that trouble us.  About 80% of the patients have either obesity, prediabetes, or diabetes, with the vast majority remaining undiagnosed.  More than half of these patients go on to have significant expensive complications, and about 20% eventually require dialysis. By 2026 the Medicare system will be so overwhelmed with the diseases of metal inflammation, Medicare will literally run out of money.  We must engage individual patients in improved health outcomes in order to change the community.  We have less than 7 years.

We are passionate about returning this patient population to health by avoiding bariatric surgical procedures, which are costly and carry significant risks of organ injury, death, and long-term disability.  We have found that academic institutions avoid this population until extraordinary and expensive complications set in, requiring hospitalization.  It is our opinion that there is a fundamental cultural disconnect between the ivory tower of the institutions and the actual communities where these patients reside.  This cultural disconnect prevents patient engagement in lifestyle changes.  Additionally, the Medicaid system does not reimburse for lifestyle and dietary modification for obesity but does reimburse for bariatric surgery.

The overwhelming marketing from processed food manufacturers targets the urban minority communities with disingenuous messaging, suggesting health benefits for obesogenic foods.  This combined with supplemental nutrition benefits and game theory, promotes the hyper-consumption of farmer-subsidized high fructose corn starch as well as industrial seed oils.  It is our opinion that the overconsumption of hyper-palatable, nutritionally deficient food is a major contributor to reduced academic success, reduced employment opportunities, increased incarceration rates, and progression of metabolic dysfunction.  It is a root cause of social and economic disparity.

Why we are personally passionate:

Ami Grimes

I was slowly gaining weight and found that it was difficult to return to my ideal weight. Even though no one would consider me outwardly obese, my body percentage fat was slowly climbing, and as my biomarkers for autoimmunity became positive (lupus antibodies and elevated CRP), I developed clinical symptoms of a hyper-inflammatory state.  I had a history of severe endometriosis with its associated abdominal pain, which had brought me to the emergency room and operating room on multiple occasions.

As I journeyed my way back, it became painfully clear that standard medical care was merely a treatment of symptoms and failed to address the root cause.  At one time, medicine had provided life-altering disease-specific cures and preventions when diseases could be easily identified due to infectious causes or other traumatic events.  Once the dietary information (our largest daily physical input) presented to our bodies was corrupted, everything changed.  The system-wide effect of multiple variables has resulted in a focus on symptom management rather than disease reversal.

Gurpreet S Padda, MD

I lost my father to undiagnosed prediabetes; he had lived a healthy lifestyle in India but inexplicably gained about a pound of weight per year after arriving in the united states, no matter what exercise or diet he tried.  My father was a scientist, both a statistician and a physicist, and he was highly disciplined.  Like so many other people, he relied on the federal government’s healthy eating guidelines, shifting to a “healthy” low-fat diet and abandoning saturated natural fats for industrial seed oils.  As he became progressively more overweight and metabolically unhealthy, his physician added the recommended statins, which only hastened his disease progression.  He became a casualty of big food marketing, governmental policy, and big pharma.  At the time, I could see what was happening but didn’t have the insight.

I also noticed that as I was becoming middle-aged, I too started to gain weight, despite the heroic physical activity.  In fact, I learned of my father’s unexpected death while on an intense mountain bike trip in the canyonlands of Utah.  Clearly, something was wrong, and it wasn’t for the lack of physical activity.


We initially tried calorie restriction and calorie counting, which only made us hungrier, and I wanted to eat my arm off.  Calorie restriction left Ami with a berserker experience and me in utter fear.  Clearly, not a way to live. These were insidious changes that needed a systems solution.  The severe calorie restriction methodology did produce temporary weight reduction and improvement in biomarkers but was not a sustainable solution.

Many of our relatives, friends, customers, and patients have struggled with weight their entire lives, this protocol is for them and all the people like them (us).

Who is this protocol for?

The end result of a damaged metabolism is overweight, obesity, prediabetes, and type 2 diabetes.  If you are anywhere on this path, this protocol is for you.

We have a lot of information in this protocol explaining and detailing our processes.  You don’t need all of this information to successfully self-manage, but the complexity of the problem may require more than just one tool or treatment type to manage successfully.

Medical supervision is absolutely required before a person changes the level of  their carbohydrate intake if they are on medications such as:

  • Medications to lower blood glucose, such as insulin and sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 (sglt2) medication, including Invokana, Forxiga, Xigduo, Jardiance, etc. And other types of glucose-lowering medication, such as Victoza, etc.
  • Medications for blood pressure such as clonidine, Ramipril, Lasix, lisinopril/ace inhibitors, and atenolol / β₁ receptor antagonists.
  • Mental health medications such as antidepressants, anxiety disorders, or mood stabilizers.

Metabolic health protocol

We offer an evidence-based approach to weight loss & nutrition that is monitored in real-time & physician-supervised.  Our focus is on helping our patients make drastic changes through lifestyle interventions.  We provide real-time vitals, glucose, and body composition tracking, as well as telemedicine visits and coaching, along with standard medical care. Our greatest efforts are placed on preventing and reversing disease.

Direct primary care

Our protocol includes a comprehensive annual physical exam with specific risk stratification.  We utilize diagnostic ultrasound and laboratory testing to treat, prevent & reverse disease.  We engage the patient with biometric feedback and trackable data, closing the loop of cause and effect.  Se educates the individual patient to educate the community.


Online care through our telemedicine portal is available, if your schedule is too busy to make it to our office, or you are not well enough to leave home. Our office utilizes HIPPA-compliant video conferencing software, connecting us to the comfort of your own home. Not only can we see you from home, but we can help manage your blood pressure, blood glucose, weight & body composition.


Our metabolic health protocol

Our unique 24-week program with real-time monitoring & health coaching

Key points

·        eat until full and eat real foods
·        affordable & sustainable
·        fix your appetite, satiety & hunger
·        physician-supervised for lasting success
·        no calorie counting
·        no meal replacement
·        no expensive supplements or pills
·        no gimmicks

What we treat

Some of the medical conditions that improve through lifestyle modifications:
· Overweight
· Metabolic syndrome
· Obesity
· Pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes
· Obstructive sleep apnea
·        High cholesterol
·        High blood pressure
·        Reflux
·        Irritable bowel
·        Leaky gut
·        NAFLD and NASH
·        Arthritis
·        Chronic pain
·        Sarcopenia or muscle wasting
·        Depression
·        Anxiety
·        Migraines
·        Seizures
·        Fibromyalgia
·        Lower back pain and neck pain
·        Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms
·        Lupus symptoms
Our approach
We promote wellness using a customized approach to help you achieve your goals.  Some of the techniques we use include:
Dietary changes
·        Atkins
·        Low carb
·        Ketogenic
·        Paleo
·        Plant-based keto
·        Time-restricted feeding
·        Intermittent fasting
·        Protein sparing modified fast
·        5/2 fasting
·        Prolonged fasting
·        Cortisol
·        Estrogen
·        Insulin
·        Testosterone
·        Thyroid
·        Medical fitness
·        Mental health
·        Pain management
·        Sleep hygiene
·        Stress management

Your initial visit

Comprehensive evaluation & diagnostics

The initial appointment is focused on you 

You can come into our office, or we can start the consultation completely remotely using our telemedicine software in the comfort of your own home, using a state-of-the-art, encrypted video conferencing application from your desktop or smartphone.

Our program is smart & connected

When you begin the protocol, you will receive a smart scale & blood pressure cuff that communicates directly to our staff for close monitoring. We will monitor your weight, BMI& body composition & blood pressure, all seamlessly.

We spend time with you because we care.

Your initial consultation is typically 1-1.5 hours. In this visit, we review your entire medical history family history, and order labs & diagnostics. We create a custom nutrition plan & focus on fixing hunger, satiety, and appetite with the goal of reversing disease.

Month 1

Following your weekly progress

A close follow-up for great results

For the first 4 weeks, we will have weekly follow-up visits to track progress and ensure that the transition to your new lifestyle program is smooth. Our team will be monitoring your blood glucose, blood pressure, body fat %, and weight very closely during this time.

We focus on the numbers, you focus on you

Our program is designed to work without tracking calories or tracking much of anything. Your sole focus will be understanding and fixing your satiety, appetite, and hunger. We want you to focus on what matters; let us handle the rest.

Month 2

Metabolic fine-tuning

We monitor your metabolic markers

After 8 weeks in our program, we will repeat lab work to monitor your progress and ensure your blood work improves. At the 2-month visit, we will review this lab work and make some minor changes to maximize the effects of lifestyle changes.

We continue to focus on the whole you

During this visit, the focus will shift from diet composition to various other features for health, including sleep schedules, stress, time-restricted feeding, and intermittent fasting. Our team will continue to monitor your progress during the transition to ensure the process is smooth.

 Month 3

Fasting & Fitness

Re-examining barriers to success

During your 3 month visit, we will continue to work on any barriers to your progress. We will re-evaluate your dietary composition, satiety, hunger, and appetite. We will review your eating schedule.

Beginning medical fitness together

We will discuss the role of a medical fitness program in complementing your lifestyle changes. This will improve your insulin sensitivity, body composition, and overall health.

 Months 4, 5, and 6

Follow-up for continued success

Ensuring great metabolic health

Between your 4 and 6 months visit, we order repeat lab work and diagnostic testing to ensure good metabolic health. We advise you for long-term success.

We discuss factors that increase the chances of weight loss maintenance, as well as special ways to handle weight loss plateaus and special situations.

We hardwire your habits.  We hope that you change your community as you change yourself.

Pricing for medical supervision does not include patient-specific lab and diagnostic workups.  Pricing does not include any patient-specific medications. Non-weight loss disease management is billed to insurance or directly to the patient.

The 24-week weight-loss self-management protocol

No real-time monitoring
No intensive follow-up

No diagnostic testing or laboratory testing

Use our information for free

This is ideal for patients who wish to self-manage and do not have significant medical problems.  Download our tools and let’s get started today.

The 24-week weight loss protocol, medically supervised

No real-time monitoring
No intensive follow-up


The 24-week weight loss protocol was intensively supervised for success
With real-time monitoring
With intensive follow-up

Monthly medical follow-up, weekly text supported.


*Diagnostic or laboratory testing is billed to insurance or the patient. Non-weight loss disease management is billed to insurance or directly to the patient.

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