The Coronavirus and Returning The Power of Health to Back to The Individual with Dr. Gurpreet Padda

With the topical news of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) taking the world by storm, I thought I’d pick the brain of Dr. Gurpreet Padda and ask how this affects the ‘at risk’ patients he treats and how we can return the power of health to back the individual.

Dr. Gurpreet Padda believes the health of the individual is the fundamental unit of the health of the community. He exposes misaligned incentives and returns the power of health to the individual. We believe empowered individuals change their communities. It is his mission to bring real hope and transformational change to patients who would otherwise be consigned to a lifetime of medications, doctor’s visits, and suffering. He uses a combination of lifestyle intervention, medication management, and emerging scientific research to help patients. Humans are complex adaptive systems, and systematic failure is rarely a single cause phenomenon. Our historical disease models of single cause pathology are inadequate for this new synthesized Universe. Check out his websites: &

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