Why Is Sugar Bad For Your Health?

Chances are you already know that eating too much sugar isn’t good for you. Yet you’re probably still overdoing it. Sugary drinks, candy, baked goods, and sweetened dairy are the main sources of added sugar. Added sugars can be hard to spot on nutrition labels since they can be listed under a number of names, […]

What Did You Have For Dinner?

If type 2 diabetes were an infectious disease, it is said we would be in the midst of an epidemic. This problematic disease is striking an ever-growing number of adults. With the rising rates of childhood obesity, it has become more common in youth, especially among certain ethnic groups. The good news is that prediabetes […]

Crisis of Nutrition

In the United States, we have a malnutrition crisis, but it’s not caused by people not having enough to eat. Just as assuredly people died of famine in the past, they now die of excess eating. It’s just not as compelling to put an 85-pound four-year-old in an advertisement for Save the Children. This malnutrition […]

What went Wrong with Promoting the General Welfare

A “research” investment of the 1960s might have led to selling more sugar, but it also might have led to accidentally sickening more than half the population. One of the sugar industry scientists eventually went on to play a prominent role in American dietary guidelines and nutrition philosophy. In the 1960s, the sugar industry paid […]