The Missing Link; Dopamine, Obesity, Metainflammation, Diabetes Type 2

Nearly 77% of the US population is now overweight. This dramatic change in the last 50 years is correlated with the availability of highly processed foods, and with a dramatic increase in chronic pain. In a mouse model, high-calorie foods, which induces a dopamine release, disrupted normal feeding schedules, resulting in overconsumption. Additionally, the “knockout” […]

Long-Term Vegan Diet: Metainflammation & Sarcopenia

I operate an interventional pain clinic in the urban core. More than 90% of my chronic pain patients have metabolic dysfunction and have always presumed that the Standard American Diet was to blame for their metabolic syndrome and subsequent metainflammation. Even the ones who do not have high waist circumference still had elevated fasting glucose […]

About Metainflammation

My clinic started as an interventional pain clinic, but I quickly realized that chronic pain was more than an isolated pathology of excessive pain. I have amazing tools that can relieve a patient’s symptoms, but I can’t reverse the course of the disease unless I treat the underlying cause, the metainflammation. Pain simply doesn’t become […]

What is ultra-processed food?

Not all food is created equal, and some are even more (ultra) processed than others, thus contributing to gut dysfunction. The purpose of ultra-processing food is to create branded, convenient (durable, ready to consume), attractive (hyper-palatable), and profitable (low-cost ingredients) food products. Ultra-processed food is made from food-like substances and additives, with little intact natural […]

The role of fructose

Many people think that sugar is sugar, but there are different types and sugar comes in many forms. Compared with glucose, fructose plays a primary role in development of metainflammation, obesity, prediabetes, and type 2 diabetes Fructose directly increases de novo lipogenesis, promotes dyslipidemia, decreases insulin sensitivity, increases visceral adiposity, and stimulates the reward center, similar to […]