95.5 R&B For The Lou with Dr. Padda

Stephen Edward:          Good morning and welcome to today on 95.5 R&B For The Lou. I’m your host Stephen Edward and joining us back on the program, Dr. Gurpreet Padda. He joins us back on [Batoto 00:00:12] today. It’s great to see your Dr. Padda. Welcome back to the show. Gurpreet Padda:           Thank you. I appreciate […]

Canned Soup, Anymore? What You Eat Matters!!

Prehistoric humans ate bone marrow like canned soup 400,000 years ago. Bone marrow constitutes a significant source of nutrition, it and the cranial vault contents were the few available highly nutritious resources available for early scavengers humans, who subsisted on remnants from larger predator kills. The access to this fat likely contributed to the direct […]