It’s Not Magic, Fat Is Satiating

Consumption of fat induces satiation and when compared to the other macronutrients such as protein and carbohydrates, and comparatively fat has the least impact on blood glucose and insulin production. Excessive insulin production and subsequent insulin resistance is the precursor to type 2 diabetes. A meta-analysis of the evidence available prior to the 1977 US […]

The Carnivore Diet: 8 Reasons Why It Works

The carnivore diet is one of the most controversial diets yet. Its followers, however, are very categorical about the immense benefits it brings to their health and wellbeing. What about it makes it work? This article looks at its key proponents in an attempt to find out why it is effective, where some other diets […]

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is an early indicator of diabetes even among people of normal weight, and it’s important to take steps to prevent and treat it. During the early phase of metabolic syndrome, the body is compensating for insulin resistance by increasing insulin production to maintain near-normal blood glucose levels. However, when the pancreas and liver […]

Food Labels Don’t Mean Much to the Individual Patient.

Individuals experience significantly different changes in blood glucose levels (as shown by using a continuous glucose monitor) after eating the same foods. Some patients with normal blood glucose levels experience after-meal glycemic spikes that are in the diabetic range. A person’s gut microbiome more accurately predicts the individual spike in blood glucose after eating than […]