Are the Odds of Weight Loss in your Favor?

The standard advice of dietitians and physicians to those who want to lose weight is simple: eat less, move more. However, this advice doesn’t actually produce favorable odds for losing and maintaining a healthy weight.

Using the standard calorie reduction approach recommended by the dietitians produces a probability of attaining a normal weight at 1 in 167. Following this standard advice of eating less, move more generates a greater than 99% failure rate, and explains why most people don’t get sustainable weight loss.

These odds are not in your favor. They favor obesity, prediabetes, and diabetes. These odds favor expensive and chronic medication management.

It’s time to follow a new path to health.

Fildes A et al. Probability of an Obese Person Attaining Normal Body Weight: Cohort Study Using Electronic Health Records. Am J Public Health. 2015;105: e54–e59.

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