Hara Hachi Bu (腹八分目): “Eat until you are 80 Percent Full”

The popular Japanese saying Hara Hachi Bu (腹八分目), which translates to “eat until you are 80 percent full,” gives insight into what you can do to make changes to lower your weight and insulin resistance. You can make simple changes in everyday habits to learn to eat only until 80 percent full.

First, you should eat more slowly. Eating faster results in eating more. Slow down to allow your body to respond to cues, which tell us we are no longer hungry. Next, you should focus on food. Turn off the TV and the computer. If you’re going to eat, just eat — you’ll eat more slowly, consume less and savor the food more.

Another strategy is to use smaller dishes. If you choose to eat on smaller plates and use tall, narrow glasses, you’re likely to eat and drink significantly less without even thinking about it. You can also drink a large glass of cold water with lemon 10 minutes before eating a meal and again 10 minutes after finishing a meal.

Finally, resist the urge to snack, and don’t have anything in the house that you should not eat. These strategies can help you with weight management and to follow the advice of the Japanese.

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