Eating your way to true health

The ultimate way to good health is through changing your eating habits. You can change your eating habits with some conscious decisions, and your body will follow. Start with a clean slate. The easiest way to change is to change your environment first, and your human body will find its way through the new maze. […]

Time-Restricted Feeding: Four Steps to Success

Many people can become overwhelmed or nervous at the concept of time-restricted feeding, but by following these four steps, you can have success at following this recommendation and reducing weight. Step 1 Before you start a time-restricted feeding schedule, you should talk to your doctor or health care provider. Get medical advice from a professional […]

Why Stop Carbs and Sugars?

Some people ask the questions: What happens if I stop eating carbohydrates and sugars? What is the minimum daily carbohydrate intake requirement for health? These answers might not be what you think, and your body can be healthy without these. The lower limit of carbohydrate consumption is likely zero, and there are no essential carbohydrates […]

Why We Care

Why do we care so much about food and diet and its impact on your health? We own and operate chronic care health-related companies, but also own and operate restaurants.  We have been fascinated with the intersection of health, dietary intake, and lifestyle. We view nutrition as a program, or a subroutine, that informs and instructs the […]