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According to a “NEW” study published in Obesity, “lifestyle interventions focused on altering dietary and physical activity habits using behavioral strategies can produce sustained weight loss among African Americans and Hispanics who have type 2 diabetes (T2D)” Which ivory tower have they been living in or is this new information to their sources of funding?

Maybe some of these researchers could come to visit outpatient clinics that have been successfully doing this for 20 plus years.
Pharmaceuticals have only a short-term role in a long-term lifestyle and behavioral issue.
Bariatric surgery is an induced dietary restriction and malabsorption syndrome, patients often overheat the restriction with liquid calories or develop such significant malabsorption that they develop secondary complications .
I treat obesity, exactly the same as I treat addiction.

The only intervention I have ever found to be successful in the long term was providing the patient with behavioral management tools in altering habits (using substitution and harm reduction), and then a re-education of what was truly “healthy” (and that didn’t include starting the day with a bowl of cereal and skim milk.

In a busy clinical practice, a brief direct interaction, providing just in time information that is “doable” is the only thing that I have found useful. The more esoteric the information or the more complicated the protocol, the worse the adherence.

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Weight Loss Experiences of African American, Hispanic, and Non‐Hispanic White Men and Women with Type 2 Diabetes: The Look AHEAD Trial. Obesity, 2019; 27 (8): 1275

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