Yulonda Roberts

February 10, 2021

When i first started coming to Dr.Padda i had migraine headaches on a daily. I had been through so much medication and different treatments but nothing helped or worked. I came to Dr. Padda and things change for the better. His office began to see me whenever i would have a migraine which was almost everyday. I began getting injections that helped some. There was one treatment called SPG that helped me so much. I began to get relief one day at a time. It had been so long since i had been without a migraine that i didn’t know how to act. Now i don’t have migraines as much as i use to. Some weeks i may not even have a migraine. I also have back and knee problems but i haven’t had the pain that i use to have. Dr. Padda is a hard working dr. That listens to your problem, works to solve them and does his job to the fullest. I am glad to have come into his office for help because it was/is really worth the time.