shunda hudson

February 10, 2021

i have been coming to dr padda for a little over a year and it has been great i have since lost over 150 pound with his weightloss program and my pain in my back and leg has been greatly manageable i have gone and lived so long with pain and being over weight that if feel good for someone to care enought to get on my about how i should live and better my self he has taken the time to explain things to me and not just tell me what i should and shouldnt do he tells me why he is asking me to do these thing i feel so much better im not tired all the time i have so much pep in my step i take the staires every where i go a year ago i had to stop and sit down every time i walk not im out walking everyone i just thank god he cared enought to push me to be great so if you feel you need to find someone who care about his peoples come to dr padda cause he is the best.