Latasha Prentice

February 10, 2021

I has been going to padda for years, I have has lot of pain he has help me. He will get on me about losing weight, it was hard but he will keep you in line. He told me about food that I can eat that’s good for me. He also told me some things about foods that u thought was good for u will have you in disbelievable.i was all over the place didn’t know were to start, I was 213 pounds and now I’m 166 pounds. I eat better and feel better even though I still have pains but it manageable. The shots mite hurt but it removes the pain, if you get your proper treatments, and do what u suppose to do. I like padda what people dont know he has a heart for kids. My son has been sick for years I was ar the end of my rope. He told me things that can help him right now this very day I got my son back. I will refer padda institute center to anybody who need help.