Gail Obrecht

February 10, 2021

I have been going to Dr Padda Institute for over a year now and they’re wonderful. He’s honest and to the point. A lot of people have been used to going to Doctors that want to keep you sick so you’ll have to keep coming back. Dr Padda and Dr Gogel tell you the truth about what’s wrong and I’m sorry but the real truth hurts sometimes. But then it’s got to hurt if it’s going to heal. I have lost all of 45 lbs since I started there and Dr Gogel is my primary now too. His mantra is “ANOTHER PILL, ANOTHER DRUG-THAT IS NOT GOING TO FIX WHAT AILS YOU!! EATING RIGHT, SLEEPING RIGHT, LIVING RIGHT AND DOING WHAT I TELL YOU AND YOU MIGHT LIVE A LONG TIME!!!” If that’s rude, then I’ll take it. God bless the Padda Institute. They don’t have an easy job. Thank you all. 😊