Ellen Williams

February 10, 2021

My experience with Dr Padda has been life changing. When I started my pain numbers were from 9-10. Now my numbers are 3-3 and now I’m opioid free. The injections in my back and knees replaced surgeries I would have needed. The chiropractic sessions have been AMAZING. I’ve learned that by doing the exercises at home is speeding up my progress. Having all these specialists at the location has been very convenient for me because I live 127 miles from here. It’s been well worth the drive. The staff is very helpful and efficient. I read a very good article about Dr Padda in a booklet from Saint Louis University. I ran into my last pain Doctor, he said he hasn’t seen me in a while and how I was doing. I told him I had a new doctor. He asked me who and I told him Dr. Padda. He must have heard of him because his response was “Oooohh!”. I’m thankful every day for the friend who told me about the Padda institute.