Charles Nixon

February 10, 2021

I’m a patient of Dr. Padda ever since probably since 2015. I started seeing Dr. Padda as a patient who had several failed back surgeries. I had multiple problems with a double spinal fusion plus have another fusion from S1 to T5. I have been doing extremely better since seeing Dr. Padda. He has brought me from a walker to a cane. I could not walk long distances, could not exercise and always felt tired. I was always depressed and dad severe anxiety issues. I feel extremely well. I have been receiving injections in my back every two weeks for months and when necessary on my cervical spine. I had carotid artery surgery on my left carotid artery from my groin to my neck. Dr. Padda has taken care of me very well and I would recommend Dr Padda to anybody that has got problems who suffered from chronic pain. If it wasn’t for this man and Padda Institute I would be in a wheelchair or would be paralyzed from the waist down. I also suffer from Squamous cell carcinoma cancer and Drpadda and Dr. Paul I have also gone extremely well and monitored my cancer. I get my pain medicine and when everything said he wanted to cut it back and stick up for his paycheck he’s a no nonsense doctor he’s very very educated and very patient oriented thank you my name is Charles Edward Nixon and I am a patient at Padda pain management Center thanks.