Ajose Paul

February 10, 2021

I visited Dr. Padda after being referred by my primary care physician for migraine headaches. He had tried several medications but I was still receiving no relief. They were debilitating to my everyday life. Dr. Padda suggested that I try an injection in the back of my head – which sounds terrifying but at that point, I was miserable. The thought of the injection was much worse than the actual injection. It was very quick and not painful at all. I followed up in a few weeks to check my progress at which time he suggested Botox injections for longer relief. I am so scared of needles but felt like his first injection was the only relief I had for several months so I agreed to try Botox. I have now went from having migraine headaches at least 20 days a month to only having 2, which is amazing. Dr. Padda is the headache healer.