Gail Obrecht

I have been going to Dr Padda Institute for over a year now and they’re wonderful. He’s honest and to the point. A lot of people have been used to going to Doctors that want to keep you sick so you’ll have to keep coming back. Dr Padda and Dr Gogel tell you the truth… Continue reading Gail Obrecht

John Grayson

It was a good experience

Maria Spencer

Dr. Padda had been very helpful in my pain management. I was seeing a primary for years before he vanished off the face of the earth with no warning. I started seeing Padda and my pain is being managed very well. He may be arrogant but, he gets the job done.

Ajose Paul

I visited Dr. Padda after being referred by my primary care physician for migraine headaches. He had tried several medications but I was still receiving no relief. They were debilitating to my everyday life. Dr. Padda suggested that I try an injection in the back of my head – which sounds terrifying but at that… Continue reading Ajose Paul

Lowell Montgomery

Good help with the pain and looks like the weight loss is really good to.

Ross Sedlacek

Very caring, helpful staff. Dr Padda is highly skilled and very compassionate. He has not only alleviated my pain but is also concerned with my overall well being.

M Stucky

Started going to Dr Padda 9 months ago for body pain pain in shoulders,ankles,most of all low back Dr Padda has helped with most of the pain in neck and shoulders and ankles but I notice moor relief in the low back in the past four or five visits

Karen Atkins

I’ve been coming here for 15 years off and on. I’ve broken my leg a couple times. I’ve got a bad disc in my neck bad disc in my back had back surgery.

Mike Roberts

I was in extreme pain since 1972 after a spinal cord accident while working for terminal railroad . After coming to the institute my pain is some what less and my mobility is much better.

Cakeshia Johnson

Once I started my treatment three months ago I came in with pain in January 2019 I started to feel really new and to feel Every thing start to work Exactly as I was young again as 21 of age I would Recommend anyone if you was in pain to seeing Dr. Padda