Processed Foods Labelled ‘Low Fat’ Should Be Avoided

Flawed science 1977 Dietary Guidelines promoted a reduction in fat consumption, which permitted an increase in carbohydrate consumption. The shift from natural food containing animal products and fats resulted in an increase in processed food consumption rich in carbohydrates, processed grains, and industrial seed oils. In the United States between 1961-2011, 90% of the increased… Continue reading Processed Foods Labelled ‘Low Fat’ Should Be Avoided

Demonizing Fat

Low-fat food doesn’t always mean healthy, and looking at fat negatively can actually lead to insulin resistance and weight gain. Demonizing fat because it has more calories per gram ignores the information transmitted in food to your body and encourages consumption of ultra-processed foods. If it says “low-fat” and you think it’s healthy, think again.… Continue reading Demonizing Fat